Monday, February 16, 2015

A Restart

It's been a long hiatus, but I read 29 Gifts again and got inspired to start giving. So far I'm on day four and things have already started coming around to me, even though that isn't my goal. My gifts have been minor—granola to one friend, ear buds I don't use to a co-worker, a tip I gave when I had a free coffee coupon. Even so, in the last four days, I've been gifted way more than I have given and usually receive. For instance, yesterday my friend Grace gave me some brownies. Today, another friend bought me lunch and paid for gas because I drove to a distillery in Smithville. My mom sent me a box of See's candy for Valentine's Day, and, of course, my coworkers showered me with sweets on Friday, the day before Valentine's Day.

I also feel that it's fun to look for opportunities to give during the day. And sometimes it's hard to decide if something counts. Does the $15 tip for a massage count when I would have always given that tip? It's hard to say. I find I usually end up giving more than one small thing during the day and then whichever gift feels more right to count, regardless of price, is what I count.

If you have a story of giving and receiving, please share.

Happy gifting!