Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day one: The iPhone

One way the iPhone has helped me get rid of clutter is with its built-in camera. Before I got my phone a few weeks ago, I would keep scraps of paper with designs I liked to inspire creativity. Now I take photos of designs and patterns I like, such as the one above, with my iPhone, so I can flip through ideas and images at a glance, rather than filing them away and forgetting about them. I also take pictures of outfits I like for reference and things I see that I might want to buy in the future. I've even begun taking photos of things I want to remember to tell friends and co-workers. And of course, it's easy to delete the photo once I no longer need it as reference. Today, I got rid of various scraps of paper that I no longer had a use for and my favorites were saved to my iPhone.

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Here's a link to a related article over at Unclutterer if you need more ideas on how to make your phone work for you: