Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Are goals needed?

By Tiffany Young
Leo Babauta recently wrote a post on not needing goals, and, while I understand what he's saying, I'm not sure I completely agree. Basically he says you can accomplish things without setting goals.

I'm sure that most people accomplish things every day without working toward them. If you live long enough you'll probably do something you could be recognized for or end up doing something you're proud of. But I find if I don't set some goals and decide on one or two at a time, some of the bigger things I want to do fall through the cracks.

If I hadn't decided to pay off my credit cards, I couldn't have done it. If I hadn't decided to finally buckle down and save for a trip to Italy, it may not have ever happened. Sure, I would still be an editor at a newspaper—that was never on my goal list—I would have went to college—all my friends were doing it, but the bigger stuff? Probably not.

So, while I understand what he means, for now, I'm going to keep adding goals to my moleskin, because there's a lot more I'd like to make sure I do.

Next up: Vegas on New Year's Eve.

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Anonymous said...

I have a goal to get in shape not a certain weight but a size I am comfortable with.

To at least see a better me in the incoming year so I will not have to think 30 times before Summer comes "I will lose some weight before Summer" mantra. :) Bren