Saturday, December 11, 2010

DIY Christmas bows

By Tiffany Young
I was excited to learn how to make recycled bows from How About Orange via Chelle's Zone. It was very simple and just took a few minutes to complete one. I'm planning on making several to use when needed throughout the holidays. It looks especially good if you find an ad page that has mostly one color, such as this Cheez-it advertisement. Advertising has to go to good use, too!
I especially love this, because I have a large collection of magazines that I just can't part with, but this gives me a good way to recycle them besides passing them on to a friend. Not to mention, bows can get expensive. Let me know if you have any other secrets for recycled gift wrapping. I most likely will be using reusable bags or wrapping gifts in magazine paper as well. I have to buy gifts first, though!

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